The Fragility of Tomorrow

Had a little slip up last night, a Saturday night on my own and desperately missing Him. He, who should have been sat next to me, bare foot with beer in hand.  Tears were not shed…..grief doesn’t always soak my face.  Instead, an empty feeling where the silence deafens.  Many friends just a phone call away, yet feeling so alone.  It’s just me, me and my wine and a silent room where his voice once filled like pleasant interludes.

This morning I woke up to the news of another terror attack in London.  Our capital city in pain.  More lives taken and more families broken.  I know my tragedy is not comparable to terror attacks, but my point here is….. we never know when tragedy will strike.  How arrogant to assume tomorrow is ours, that we own ourselves and the light that follows.  We are oh so fragile yet oh so strong.  And we carry on, making memories which will last forever.  Because we know that where life is short, a memory is long.  And it’s all we can do is make them.